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No Rental Insurance? Don’t Let This Happen To You

suitcaseThere is nothing more devastating than coming home from vacation only to find a shell of your apartment building which had caught fire while you were gone. All of your possessions are now contained in the two suitcases that stand by your side. No, wait. Yeah, it can get worse. You don’t have any insurance that will cover what you just lost.

So, why didn’t you purchase the insurance when your roommate had the common sense to do so? Maybe you didn’t have the extra money at the time. Maybe you never thought this sort of thing could even happen to you. Or maybe nothing more than pure stubbornness on your part, was a way to save a lousy buck.

Surely, Renter’s Insurance cannot replace what you hold most important to you, like the pictures, the memories and the all the things that were passed down from your family to you. But, what the Renter’s Insurance Policy could have done, just like piecesHomeowner’s Insurance, was to piece together your life back to the way it was before your loss. Pay for a roof over your head at a motel or hotel, while you look for another apartment to rent. Pay for your meals at a restaurant since you no longer have a refrigerator full of food. Then once you’ve established a residence elsewhere, cover the expenses of furnishing for your new apartment. It all depends on the contents and possessions that would have been covered under a policy are all what the insurance would have replaced. [Read more…]

What Should You Do If You Ever Get Into An Auto Accident?

If your one of the lucky ones who has yet to be in an accident, you should count your blessings. However, being in the know is still a good thing when you haven’t a clue on what to do.

After all these years of driving (30 plus years or so), I hadn’t had an accident on my driving record yet. Well, until now. The year of 2014 was my year Two Weeksof accidents. I had just purchased a brand new SUV, a nice pearl color. My wife picked it out, just so you know. I loved the feeling of my brand new car, the smell and all, and it had lasted all of two weeks. Yep! Two weeks, my friends! [Read more…]

College Bound: Your Son or Daughter Has Arrived, Now What?

You’ve just dropped off your young adult at his or her new home away from home for the next 9 months. Unfortunately, the hard part is not quite over because in the next few weeks both you and your son or daughter will be going through a time of transitioning. But rest assured it will get easier as time goes on. Here are a few tips as you go through these new experiences and changes.

Talking with college studentThe top priority is to communicate trust with your son or daughter. You’ve done your job bringing up your children, now it’s time to see that what you’ve instilled in them, that they will make good choices on their own. Talk to him or her about your values and your expectations. Make it clear that the lines of communication are wide open regardless of the miles between you and whatever challenges that may come, that you are there for him or her to talk when you are needed. [Read more…]

New Jetski? Know The Rules of The Water Before You Ride!


Now that you finally own your own jetski or PWC (Personal Water Craft), there is so much that you need to know before you get in the water to ride. It’s just like driving a vehicle on the road because there are rules and signs that need to be obeyed, even in the water.  However, operating a PWC is different from driving a car or a motorcycle for there are no lanes or lines on the water to guide you on where and how to go. That is why knowing the basic rules of the road and the navigational aids are so important.

Let’s give you some basic skills to get you started.

[Read more…]

Early May Is the Perfect Time for Getting The Boat Ready For Summer


There is so much to do in the month of May around the house and yard that it could keep a person busy well into June. But, be sure to put the watercraft on that list as well, so when the warmer weather comes around there isn’t a problem that is discovered and the boat ends up out of commission for the entire summer. Some marinas will offer a commissioning service to check a boat’s systems and get it ready for the water. But if you feel comfortable doing it yourself, it should only take a few hours of your time and save you quite a bit of money.

Here is a list of things that should be checked:

Battery, starter & alternator console1_550

  • Always make sure batteries are fully charged and load tested. Defective and/or
    inadequate batteries are one of the most common causes of problems in marine electrical systems.
  • Be sure all connections and terminals are tight and clean. Also, battery cable terminals need to be tight and should have a gap between the top of the terminal and the side of the clamp.
  • Remember to always tag wiring when removing any electrical unit. Also, feel the lines for soft spots. Soft spots usually indicate the wire is corroded and needs to be replaced.
  • Be sure to check for voltage drops. Low voltage will ruin your electrical components and shorten the life of a battery. Using the panel voltmeter, the reading should be around 12 with the ignition on, not running, and no other loads.

Fuels, oils & other fluids untitled

  • Refer to the boat’s manufacturer manual for recommended intervals for changing the fluids. This important step will keep it running in tip top condition.
  • When changing the oil system, disable the bilge pump in case of a spill. Use an oil-only absorbent pad under the engine and in the bilge.
  • Use a plastic bag around the filter before removing to catch drips.
  • Lubricate “O” rings and prime the filter as necessary.
  • Top off the fluids, wipe up any spills and reconnect the bilge pump.

Canvas imagesCADJQGYK

  • Check all the zippers & snaps for wear, tear and corrosion. Replace any that are starting to fray or corrode by a canvas repair shop or a do-it-yourself kit.
  • Reinforce the snaps that are located on the hull of the boat. Tighten any loosen snaps or replace them if they are too badly corroded or cannot be tightened. Be sure to use epoxy or a silicone sealant for a water tight seal.

Seals, impellers, hoses, hose clamps, and gaskets untitled

  • All these items need to be checked thoroughly for deterioration, peeling or rusting.
  • Seals can be reinforced with an epoxy putty or silicone sealant.
  • Impellers need to be replaced when they start to fray. Remove the impeller and check thoroughly for any wear.
  • Check the tightness of all the hoses and the clamps. Replace any clamps that are starting to rust. Water, especially salt water, is very corrosive to metal.

Propeller and bilge pump. untitled

  • Any damage such as dings, pitting or distortion should be either fixed by a professional repair shop, or depending on the amount of damage, replaced.
  • Use a garden hose to add water and some bilge cleaner into the bilge. The pump should kick on by itself and keep up with the constant flow of water coming from the hose. Continue this about 4 or 5 times to cycle the pump.

Once all the systems are checked, you will have ample time to address any repairs or replacements that are needed before summer rolls in. By that time, you will be able to enjoy the ride and the fishing…. imagesCA5V1R6J

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