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Good Grades? That May Save You $$ On Your Next Insurance Bill

  Listing your teenager driver on your auto insurance policy more than likely has you paying a higher rate for your inexperienced operator. Is your teenager a good student? What if I told you that you may be eligible for a good student discount on that policy? The good news is that it could save you up to 15% on your bill.  There are two... Read Article

Good News for Rhode Island Auto Owners: New Competitive Insurance Rates Are Now Available To YOU!

  We are pleased to announce that for all Rhode Island auto owners that we are able to offer attractive new rates through one of our insurance carriers. Here is what we can offer to you from the latest Auto product:  Good Student Discount - This new discount is for youthful drivers who are on their parents' policy and they maintain a 3.0 grade point... Read Article

Insurance Coverage, Don’t Compromise On It For A Better Price

There are better ways to save on your insurance bill then lowering your insurance coverage. Considering asking your agent about any discounts that are available to you and these will vary by company and by state. The largest savings that usually can be obtained is by combining your auto(s) and home all with one company. However, there are consumers that feel when it comes to... Read Article

Want To Know Where You Can Save On Your Auto & Home Insurance?

One Answer.. Your local independent insurance agent. Period.       It’s the convenience, the reassurance and the service that will make it all worth your while and here’s why. One stop-shopping for competitive rates. Most insurance agencies will have multiple carriers. This will allow them to do competitive ratings on your policies. Your time is money. All the shopping for a better price is done... Read Article

Insurance Coverages That You Don't Really Need

PMI (private mortgage insurance) is an insurance policy that protects the lender against loss when lending to a high-risk borrower. But, the borrower (YOU) pays for this insurance but derives no benefit from it. There are several ways to avoid paying for this. Put down at least 20% of the home's value. If you cannot do this, alternatively, you can put down 10% and take... Read Article