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Are You An Educated Consumer About Insurance?

If you answered no to that question, then it’s time that you are. When shopping for insurance, especially if it’s online, you are making important decisions about your coverage that you more than likely have no idea about. It’s normal to want to find ways to cut costs on your bill, but that may also result in you cutting out the coverage that you should really... Read Article

Here's To The Phrase: "If You've Never Gone Aground In Your Boat, You're Not A Sailor."

Ah.. Really?!? You can call yourself a sailor?!? However, the instant you hear the boat’s keel bump the bottom it’s either an indication of the beginning of something catastrophic (like this guy) or it’s just a momentary gut-clench. Usually a typical grounding is somewhere in between the two scenarios. But getting the boat ungrounded will require a bit of skill and a little bit of luck.... Read Article

Teenage Driving. Its’ All About The Speed.

With all the hype and awareness going on about teen texting and driving, we forgot all about speeding. This is arguable even more critical than distracted driving. Movies such as Fast & Furious 1 through 6 and now 7, make speeding and drag racing appear to be very cool and really tempting. Meanwhile, fatal teen crashes are ticking up from 30% to 33% for 2011. The... Read Article

Tips on Barbecue Safety and How To Save Your Eyebrows

Pardon the pun, but I only mentioned because it happened to me. Yep. I’ve burnt the eyebrows and the hairs off my arms all in one shot. Or flaming inferno, that is. Had to order Chinese takeout that day for no one wanted to eat the burgers. Even now they still check to see if my eyebrows are intact before they eat anything I grill.... Read Article

Buying A New Boat? Consider Taking A Boating Course.

  Every year, the U.S. Coast Guard compiles a list of statistics from all fifty states and five U.S. territories of reported recreational boating accidents. The numbers on these reports from year to year are staggering. As of 2011, there was approximately $52 million dollars of property damage as a result of recreational boating accidents and the number one contributing factor towards these accidents was... Read Article