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Baby Reminder! Your Child Is In The Car.

  It's 90' outside and all it takes is fifteen minutes, the time to do a quick errand, for your car to heat up over 109 degrees. At that sweltering temperature, brain, organ damage, heat stroke and even death can occur. The horrible reality is that statistics indicate that 36 children die in overheated cars every year in United States. This is every parents' nightmare and I'm... Read Article

Teenage Driving. Its’ All About The Speed.

With all the hype and awareness going on about teen texting and driving, we forgot all about speeding. This is arguable even more critical than distracted driving. Movies such as Fast & Furious 1 through 6 and now 7, make speeding and drag racing appear to be very cool and really tempting. Meanwhile, fatal teen crashes are ticking up from 30% to 33% for 2011. The... Read Article