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Traveling? Here Are Some Great Apps To Manage Your Itinerary

Ok, so you’ve booked your flight, your hotel then finally your car rental. Between confirmation, verification and reservation numbers, then you have traveling times, pickup times and check-in times, it’s a wonder you need a vacation. But hold on, if you are like most people who own a mobile phone, there is an app for managing your entire travel itinerary. Actually, there are several itinerary... Read Article

Data Breaches: Is Your Personal or Business Information Safe?

Last week’s security breach of a prominent technology journalist, Mat Honan, has raised heightened concerns for small and large businesses alike. Mat’s digital life was devastated when his Amazon, Apple, Google and Twitter accounts were hacked by simple means of trickery. The hackers were able to ploy an Amazon representative into revealing the last four digits of his credit card number over the phone. Therefore,... Read Article

Emergency Weather Alerts: How Will You Know?

Not everyone is tuned into a TV or radio station all of the time. So, when an emergency broadcast message goes out for your area, how will you be informed in time to get you and your family to safety? Over the last few years there have been multitudes of events of flash flooding that have buckled streets, severe thunderstorms that uprooted trees causing major... Read Article