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Helmets Save Lives, Consider Wearing Them

A little more than half of the U.S. has a universal helmet law and it’s becoming a growing public health concern. The reality is that 4,500 people were motorcycle fatalities last year and of those fatalities, 41% of the motorcycle operators and 50% of the passengers were not wearing a helmet. Those numbers are staggering. The good news is that helmets are estimated to prevent approximately... Read Article

Spring Is In The Air And It’s Time To Ride

  The bike has been away all winter and now the weather is starting to get warmer and the days are longer. It’s a perfect time to start dusting off the bike and begin the new riding season. But before that first ride there are preparations that are needed to be done. Here are some good ideas to consider.   Have Your Bike Serviced First... Read Article

Want To Know Where You Can Save On Your Auto & Home Insurance?

One Answer.. Your local independent insurance agent. Period.       It’s the convenience, the reassurance and the service that will make it all worth your while and here’s why. One stop-shopping for competitive rates. Most insurance agencies will have multiple carriers. This will allow them to do competitive ratings on your policies. Your time is money. All the shopping for a better price is done... Read Article