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New Jetski? Know The Rules of The Water Before You Ride!

Now that you finally own your own jetski or PWC (Personal Water Craft), there is so much that you need to know before you get in the water to ride. It’s just like driving a vehicle on the road because there are rules and signs that need to be obeyed, even in the water.  However, operating a PWC is different from driving a car or... Read Article

Early May Is the Perfect Time for Getting The Boat Ready For Summer

There is so much to do in the month of May around the house and yard that it could keep a person busy well into June. But, be sure to put the watercraft on that list as well, so when the warmer weather comes around there isn’t a problem that is discovered and the boat ends up out of commission for the entire summer. Some... Read Article

Here's To The Phrase: "If You've Never Gone Aground In Your Boat, You're Not A Sailor."

Ah.. Really?!? You can call yourself a sailor?!? However, the instant you hear the boat’s keel bump the bottom it’s either an indication of the beginning of something catastrophic (like this guy) or it’s just a momentary gut-clench. Usually a typical grounding is somewhere in between the two scenarios. But getting the boat ungrounded will require a bit of skill and a little bit of luck.... Read Article

Buying A New Boat? Consider Taking A Boating Course.

  Every year, the U.S. Coast Guard compiles a list of statistics from all fifty states and five U.S. territories of reported recreational boating accidents. The numbers on these reports from year to year are staggering. As of 2011, there was approximately $52 million dollars of property damage as a result of recreational boating accidents and the number one contributing factor towards these accidents was... Read Article

Marinas Are Getting Busy, Time To Review Your Insurance On Your Watercraft

May is the month when the entire coastline from Connecticut to Maine starts to awaken after a long winter’s rest. The quaint seaside villages slowly become busy with visitors from both summer residents and day trippers alike. The true telltale sign that summer is near is when the marinas become crazy busy with the unveiling of boats from winter storage and slips quickly fill back... Read Article