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Why It is Important to Review Your Insurance Policies on a Yearly Basis

Insurance policies are living documents. They can, and should be, changed periodically to accommodate changes in circumstances and needs of the policyholder. At Donald J. Medeiros Insurance Agency in Fall River, Massachusetts, our agents can assist you with an annual review of your home, auto, and life insurance policies to help ensure you have the coverage you need without paying more than you need to.... Read Article

Does My Auto Insurance Cover Flooding?

The answer to that question is yes, as long as there is the right coverage on your auto insurance policy. Flash flooding is not an uncommon event and when an area’s storm drains are overwhelmed by the amount of a downpour, the water ends up flooding the streets. Once this happens it is difficult to determine how deep some of the floodwaters are until you... Read Article

How To Weather The Winter Storms? Winterize Your Home.

Freezing temperatures and winter weather can cause havoc with your home. The best way to avoid any future mishaps is to be sure that you have taken the proper steps to winterize it. If you haven’t done so already, now will be a good time as any to tackle that project just before the snowy weather is in full swing. Here are some great ideas:... Read Article

No Rental Insurance? Don't Let This Happen To You

There is nothing more devastating than coming home from vacation only to find a shell of your apartment building which had caught fire while you were gone. All of your possessions are now contained in the two suitcases that stand by your side. No, wait. Yeah, it can get worse. You don’t have any insurance that will cover what you just lost. So, why didn’t you purchase... Read Article

Being Smart When Old Man Winter Is Here

New England is infamous for its’ unpredictable weather patterns especially during the winter months. But when I was younger I remember those months being incredibly long, snowy and cold. I was able to endure those long winters for I had access to a huge lake that was frozen during most of it. So that meant at least 3 months of ice skating!! Whoo hoo! However,... Read Article