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Landscaping Ideas to Keep Your Yard Beautiful

The outdoor space at your home, when landscaped, will enhance the beauty, livability and the value of your home. We've put together some landscaping ideas to keep your yard looking beautiful with minimum effort and cost. We chose some of the best ideas out there for homeowners who want to upgrade their yards without breaking the bank. Our Climate: Choosing the Right Plants Our climate in... Read Article

How To Weather The Winter Storms? Winterize Your Home.

Freezing temperatures and winter weather can cause havoc with your home. The best way to avoid any future mishaps is to be sure that you have taken the proper steps to winterize it. If you haven’t done so already, now will be a good time as any to tackle that project just before the snowy weather is in full swing. Here are some great ideas:... Read Article

College Bound: Your Son or Daughter Has Arrived, Now What?

You’ve just dropped off your young adult at his or her new home away from home for the next 9 months. Unfortunately, the hard part is not quite over because in the next few weeks both you and your son or daughter will be going through a time of transitioning. But rest assured it will get easier as time goes on. Here are a few... Read Article

Be Your Own House Crasher With These Simple Home Improvements

All it takes is small improvements to make a world of difference in the look and feel of your home. With spring here and the snow finally gone, it is a perfect time to start making plans for your all the DIY jobs that you want to tackle in these next few months. Consider starting with the basic maintenance of your home, that way you... Read Article

Are You An Educated Consumer About Insurance?

If you answered no to that question, then it’s time that you are. When shopping for insurance, especially if it’s online, you are making important decisions about your coverage that you more than likely have no idea about. It’s normal to want to find ways to cut costs on your bill, but that may also result in you cutting out the coverage that you should really... Read Article